A cubic wireless speaker made from a high density fiber board, reinforced plastic, and woven steel mesh


Teenage Engineering

Wireless loudspeaker made to play all your music, from any device. The unmistakably warm and relaxed carlsson sound has returned. Pair two or more together for wireless stereo.

With its built-in computer, 100 watt analog class-D amplifier and wireless stereo, the new OD-11 has evolved from a 70's classic to a complete ultra modern music system with everything built-in to play wireless music from any device or platform.

262 × 272 × 262 mm
7.5 kg
Audio Sources
AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth Audio, Line-In
Frequency range
28 – 20.000 Hz (-3dB)
Ortho Remote, Orthoplay App

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